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Indie Podcasts

I recently discovered an awesome site that offers almost-daily podcasts where each "episode" is a single song. It's pretty much like getting free music; each one has a little commercial and some explanation about the artist, but they are enjoyable to listen to. There are multiple categories, I'm into the Alternative/Modern, Indiepop and Electronica, there are also Hip Hop and Blues and a couple spoken feeds.

There are a couple ways to enjoy this music. The first way would be to go to Indie Feed and get the music from there. You can also subscribe to the podcast if you have iTunes or a similar "pod catcher" by going to the site and putting the feed address into your pod catcher or looking it up through the iTunes Music Store.

This is a great way to discover new artists and find some great music to listen to! Enjoy!

Good Resource to Find Free Music!

Here is yet another social bookmarking site (like www.del.icio.us.com and www.shadows.com), and I think I like this one the best. This is the page for the free music community. Let us know if you find anything good!

Edit: Here's a site they link to that looks pretty good. iPod Nirvana

Free Downloads

Here is a page with a bunch of downloads from new artists! I'm not sure if you have to sign up for an account with this site to get them, but its worth it. This site is awesome.

Go here!

More punk type music for free here!!

Great Magazine - Free Music!!

Check out the awesome music magazine Paste!! I love this magazine. I just need to get a subscription to it... It comes with either a CD with lots of music, or a DVD with music videos and movie shorts, or it comes with both a CD and DVD.

Anyway, if you go to their store, to the Free Mp3 Page you can download music. Check it out! How's that for new music to add to your collection?

I'll post a couple of my own songs later today. :D


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